Business to Business Advertising

Business to business advertising can be tricky because your target audience is no longer a consumer. At least when you’re trying to get consumers to buy your product or service, you can use traditional marketing tactics to lure them in.

However, other businesses are weary of these techniques. Clearly they know what you’re after when you’re trying to sell something, so they need to know if it’s really going to be worth it for their company. If you’re in the business of lead generation, your main focuses should be making sure you’re selling substantial and quality leads, as well as convincing businesses that the leads you’re selling them are actually going to turn into prospective clients.

The first way to go about this is to let the facts speak for themselves. You should be tracking your success rate as closely as possible. Hopefully the companies that are buying the leads will allow you to have access to this information. Simply ask if they would mind sharing how many of your leads turned into actual paying customers. The company shouldn’t have a problem sharing this information with you because you only want to use it to help them become successful.

Once you’ve tracked this success rate for a significant period of time, it can be used to potentially gain more quality leads, as well as sell the leads to companies. You’ll appear highly trustworthy if you can turn around and show that 85% of the leads you have generated turned into paying customers, while B2B lead gen. company number two either has a lower rate, or doesn’t have the numbers to show for it at all.  Next, make sure you’re properly targeting the way you plan to acquire successful leads. Reach out to companies that you’re positive, or have a good idea, that they will be interested in the specific product or service you’re selling the leads for. In successful business to business advertising, knowing the industry and it’s needs is vital to your success.

If you’re selling leads for EMR software , make sure you target hospitals and doctor’s offices that do not already have it installed (unless you want to waste your time of course). This might not be the easiest information for you to acquire, but there are still ways to go about this type of business to business advertising. You could focus your efforts on optimizing terms that hospitals/practices would search for if they were looking into EMR technology. You could also make sure you post links for more information on the topic on specific sites that would be of interest to someone searching to purchase an EMR system.

The idea is that if you’re not targeting the proper audiences, you can’t expect them to find you.  Build a rapport with new and existing customers. Not just in business to business advertising, but even in business to consumer advertising, gaining trust is going to help you more than anything else. Business owners tend to be extremely more inclined to work with a company they have had positive experiences with over ones with which deals fell through. If you’re a sales rep working for a business to business advertising company, try allowing your customers to put a face to your name.

You want to be the person they keep coming back to when they need leads. A great way to ensure returning customers is to be proactive; don’t wait for them to come to you.

Once you have a substantial amount of leads for a specific product/service, contact vendors and ask if they’d be interested. You might be surprised with how much your assertiveness will pay off.  Business to business advertising doesn’t have to be more difficult than advertising to consumers, but it should be approached from a different angle. Remember exactly what both parties are interested in, and target your campaigns accordingly.